In the silent flow of the River Marecchia

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In the silent flow of the River Marecchia

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marecchia (3)

Duration: half a day
Price: € 12.00
Level of difficulty: Easy (6 km in length at a height of about 50 m.  The only possible difficulty might be the fact that trekkers will have to walk on the stones of the riverbed.)
Area: from Alpe della Luna to San Leo (the Monte Carpegna ridge)
Times: departure and return
Meeting place: Piazza del Mercato in Novafeltria

A fun walk along the wide riverbed of the Marecchia: this is a particular river due to the width of its gravel bed, which seems oversized compared to the width of the valleys as well as to its capacity. Blocks, gravel and limstone spurs rise up from the bed of soft clay, making the place unique and spectacular. Trekking poles will be distributed. Walking boots or sandals with flat grip soles are necessary to avoid slipping and to cross the frequent and exciting fords.

There must be a minimum of 15 people in the group.


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