In flight over the Candigliano river

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In flight over the Candigliano river

garzetta in volo
gola del furlo
gola furlo

Duration: half a day
Price: €8
Difficulty: Easy [distance 3.5 km flat ground]
Area: NatureState Reserve of the Furlo Gorge
Times: departure and return
Meeting place: Visitor center of the Nature State Reserve of the Furlo Gorge

We walk along a pavement beside the Flaminia road within the breathtaking and majestic canyon of the Furlo gorge, and can admire sweeping views of the spectacular Candigliano river. This extraordinary place is so rich in animal life that it is easy to see an impressive number of birds in every season of the year: from daytime birds of prey, to cliff birds and aquatic birds. Some examples include the majestic Golden eagles, the rapid Peregrine falcon which nests on the steep walls of the canyon, or else the small cliff birds such as the Eurasian Crag Martin and the Alpine swift.  Not to mention ducks, the Grey Heron, the Little Egret, the Great Egret, the Black-Crowned Night Heron or the overwintering Cormorants.  This is a real paradise for birdwatchers.

There must be a minimum of 20 people in the group.


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